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Organizations, Programs and Services Included

Organizations included in the infoMONTGOMERY database offer services in physical, mental and behavioral health; education; social service; and individual and family supports, or other direct services to Montgomery County residents. Many are public agencies, government funded or private non-profit organizations.

Programs included are generally those offered by public agencies and those offered by private organizations that provide essential services not adequately met by the public agencies. Emphasis is placed on those programs that are accessible to low-income individuals and families, and those programs that are offered on a low, no-cost or sliding scale basis to the participant. Only an organization’s primary services are included in the categorized services listed under each of their programs.

Please read our Inclusion Guidelines for more information.

Categories for Services

All programs are categorized by type of service, and most are categorized by targeted population. This ensures not only consistency, but also ease of navigation for the end user. The service information for each program is organized using the nationally Alliance of Information and Referral Systems ( taxonomy standards and definitions. Learn more about the taxonomy and other definitions.

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If your organization provides direct services to residents of Montgomery County and is not included in our database, please submit a request and the Database Coordinator will review the organization’s service information for inclusion in the database.

Before recommending a new organization or program, please read our Inclusion Guidelines.

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