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Legislative Alert from Montgomery County Delegate Chair Marc Korman

Since the beginning of the crisis, the Maryland House of Delegates and the State Senate have been united in their support of the Governor and his efforts to respond to the outbreak. Prior to our early adjournment, the legislature took immediate action and passed bills related to the present emergency. SB 1079 (State Budget – Revenue Stabilization Account Transfers – Coronavirus) provides the Governor with up to $50 million from the State’s Rainy Day Fund to help respond to the public health threat. COVID–19 Public Health Emergency Protection Act of 2020 (HB 1663) allows the Governor to take specific actions to expand healthcare benefits and protect workers in response to the public health threat. These actions include requirements that the Maryland Department of Health cover the cost of COVID–19 testing, a vaccine (should one become available) and any associated costs not paid for by insurance or another third party. The legislation also includes protections against price gouging, expands telehealth services and expands unemployment insurance benefits to workers who are temporarily out of work or quarantined due to the virus. For more information on unemployment insurance, please visit No doubt, further action will be required later to support our working families, small businesses, and others significantly impacted by the pandemic and the public health response. The General Assembly has also created a Joint COVID-19 Response Legislative Workgroup to provide oversight and support to the Administration in the coming weeks and months. Please also visit, which is regularly updated with information regarding COVID-19 and the current rules in Maryland to try to limit its spread.

Mortgage help for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic

Mortgage help for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic

If your ability to pay your mortgage is affected due to the coronavirus pandemic and your loan is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you may be eligible to delay making your monthly mortgage payments for a temporary period, during which you won’t incur late fees;

• you won’t have delinquencies reported to the credit bureaus; and

• foreclosure and other legal proceedings will be suspended

Property owners who hold non-federally backed mortgages may be similarly covered by their lenders, primarily major banks.

If you have trouble catching up at the end of this temporary relief period, additional assistance may be available. You can work with your servicer to resume making a mortgage payment. Or if you need additional assistance, you can work with your servicer on other foreclosure prevention options to keep your home.

Contact your mortgage servicer (the company where you send your monthly payments) as soon as possible to let them know about your current circumstances. The telephone number and mailing address of your mortgage servicer should be listed on your monthly mortgage statement.

For more details, see the Federal Housing Finance Agency website and listen to FHFA Administrator Mark Calabria on NPR this morning.

Senior Call Check Program Recommended During COVID-19 Outbreak

Senior Call Check Program Recommended During COVID-19 Outbreak
The Maryland Department of Aging is issuing additional information on the Senior Call Check program as a free resource to MD residents over 65+ and recommending all seniors use the program as a resource during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Senior Call Check phone lines are open M-F 8 am-5 pm and Saturday 9 am-3 pm. During these hours, seniors can call toll-free 1-866-50-CHECK (1-866-502-0560) and register. Registration is also available online at
  • The verification and enrollment process can be completed within 24 hours Monday – Saturday.
• This service will provide free daily calls to Marylander’s 65 and over who register. We will provide messages and updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak where to find support if you need it.
• Finally, regarding our emergency preparedness for handling possible disruption from COVID-19, we can provide you information at this time of need.
  This program is the first-in-the-nation, statewide, free program designed to help keep older adults safe while aging in their homes. All Maryland residents, 65 and older, are invited to sign up for a daily call at a time convenient to their lifestyle.
The Senior Call Check participants receive an automated call every day. These calls will take place within a time frame chosen by the participant. If the participant does not answer their first call, they will be called two additional times in the same day. If those calls go unanswered, an alternate person, selected by the participant, will be notified. This alternate could be an adult child, a neighbor, or anyone designated as a reliable contact. The alternate will then be asked to check on the participant. For those who do not have an alternate or whose alternate is unresponsive, the state will call local law enforcement to conduct a wellness check.  
For more information on this program and to register, call 1-866-50-CHECK (1-866-502-4325) or visit Please help spread the word to seniors living alone at home.

Information for Montgomery County Residents on Covid-19

Residents can find the latest information regarding the COVID-19 situation at Information on the associated County government service closures and schedule modifications are being updated at Emergency Closure Meals Service for MCPS Students can be found here:    

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