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Immigrants and Community Newcomers


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Gilchrist Center for Cultural Diversity
Provides activities and services to the County’s diverse community and functions as a central point of contact for residents to County and other community services. Mid- County Regional Services Center: 240-777-4940
  • East County Site: 240.777.8406
  • Gaithersburg Library Site: 240.777.4960
  • Upcounty Site: 240.777.6950
Asian American Health Initiative
The Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI) was established to help eliminate health disparities between Asian Americans and their non-Asian counterparts in Montgomery County 240.777.4517 –
Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy
Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy strengthens the countywide adult English literacy network to support a thriving community and effective workforce 301-881-133
African American Health Program (AAHP)
African American Health Program (AAHP) was created by community stakeholders and a core group of DHHS staff who recognized the need to address health disparities disproportionately affecting African, Caribbean and African Americans in the County. 240-777-1833
Latino Health Initiative
The mission of the LHI is to improve the quality of life of Latinos living in Montgomery County by contributing to the development and implementation of an integrated, coordinated, culturally and linguistically competent health wellness system that supports, values, and respects Latino families and communities. 240-777-3221 –

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Sites with Information on Immigration

The Gilchrist Center has developed this Quick Start Guide for Immigrants in Montgomery County, MD. and these Resource lists. Please visit these sites for further information on immigrant initiatives and programs, as well as links to key research and information.

Resources for Immigrants

Presented here are articles of interest and information on local, statewide and national initiatives on programming for immigrants.

Recent News: Immigrants and Community Newcomers – (See All)

Presented here are articles of interest and information on local, statewide and national initiatives on programming for Immigrants and Community Newcomers

Upcoming events related to Supporting Immigrants

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