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Emergency And Community Assistance


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This Resource Guide provides a list of available resources for low-income Montgomery County residents focusing on specific areas of assistance such as furniture and furnishing, clothing and food. For any general help in a full range of social services needs, please contact Interfaith Works or the DHHS Information and Assistance Unit. Advisor: Maria Paganini, DHHS, Children, Youth and Family Services
Montgomery County 311
Provides easy access to information about Health and Human services and programs in Montgomery County. 311, (240)240-777-0311
Emergency Assistance Coalition
The Emergency Assistance Coalition (EAC) is a network of providers who deliver emergency assistance to needy residents of the County. EAC members are public agencies, congregations, grassroots local assistance groups and other human service providers groups who are familiar to serving those in crisis. The EAC meets monthly, working collaboratively to facilitate a comprehensive approach to the delivery of emergency assistance in the County. (301)762-8682

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Useful Information for Those in Need of Immediate Assistance

Resource Lists

These desk guides were developed by the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services for use by customers and service providers in identifying resources to help meet basic needs and receive financial assistance. Updated June 2020 A guide for use by Montgomery County residents who need cash assistance to avoid loss of housing, utilities or other emergency situations. A guide for use by Montgomery County residents who need cash assistance to avoid loss of housing, utilities or other emergency situations. This DeskGuide was developed for use by Service Provider Organizations in Montgomery County, Maryland so that they can refer their low-income customers to appropriate legal services Organizations that Provide Free Furniture  and Thrift Stores and Organizations that Sell Used Furniture at Reduced Prices.

Sites with Information on Emergency Assistance

Presented here are sites with information on early care and education initiatives and programs, as well as links to key research and information that can inform programming for young children.

Recent News: Emergency and Community Assistance – (See All)

Presented here are articles of interest and information on local, statewide and national initiatives on programming for Emergency and Community Assistance

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