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Job Announcement: LGBTQ Services Navigator SMYAL

SMYAL is seeking an LGBTQ Services Navigator

Position Description

The LGBTQ Services Navigator will work with staff at the Montgomery County Reengagement / Drop‐In Center to engage disconnected youth. The goal of the work will be to identify and build culturally competent resources for youth, to refer youth to the appropriate resources through Case Management, and to develop solutions to gaps in services. The LGBTQ Services Navigator, along with the dedicated Case Managers, provides client centered case management services to address the education, mental health, physical health and permanent living situation through coordinated activities and referrals. The LGBTQ Services Navigator will also consult on the general space and environment for the Reengagement / Drop‐In Center, helping to ensure the space is culturally competent towards and inviting to LGBTQ youth. The LGBTQ Services Navigator needs to have vision, drive, and passion as the role will shift with time andneeds.

Please see the job description for Primary Duties and Responsibilities, Core Competencies and Qualifications.

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