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CB Family Institute

Also Known As: CBFI Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families program refers to a series of interactive and participatory workshops for parents. These workshops will encourage parenting practices that promote positive communication, strengthen parent-daughter relationships, assist daughters achieve full potential and prevent risky behavior. Topics of interest identified by CB parents would be addressed in each series and they would be grounded in a preventative framework that would provide parents with concrete tools and strategies for ensuring success for their daughters. The program is broken down into five phases to ensure agreement, engagement, skill-building and evaluation. Phase 1 (July-October) will be the agreement phase by which we engage parents in enrolling their daughter(s) in our program at the schools we currently are located in. This specific phase allows parents to determine whether they feel their daughter "needs" the services we provide. Phase 2 (October-November) will be the immersion phase by which we immerse ourselves in the communities that the families live in and conduct a needs assessment aligned with the objectives and goals for success that we will teach their daughters. This needs assessment will allow us to determine what skills, social capital, resources they indicate they will need to support and reinforce the skills and opportunities we are exposing their daughters to. Phase 3 (November-December) will be the design phase where we develop the curriculum, the workshops, and facilitators of the specific results of the needs assessment. Phase 4 (January-April) will be the implementation phase whereby parents will be placed in two co-horts of six-week sessions in the winter and spring.


Community Bridges, Inc.

Languages Available:

English -

Intake and Eligibility:

parents of girls enrolled in CB programs.

Areas Served:
  • Montgomery County

Contact Info:


Community Bridges, Inc.
8757 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Target Population



Parenting Skills Classes
  • collaboration council
  • Montgomery School
  • montgomery county md
  • montgomery county md
  • Mental Health Assocaiton
  • Helping all Seniors Thrive
  • Montgomery County Libraries
  • Nonprofit Montgomery