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Vocational Program

The Vocational Program within Cornerstone Montgomery served over 600 clients last year. This program helps people recovering from mental health disorders choose, find, and keep a job. Cornerstone Montgomery’s strong belief in individual interests, abilities, and self determination is supported by a program of pre-placement counseling, resume preparation, placement assistance and on the job coaching and support. The Vocational Program includes vocational evaluation, transitional employment programs, supported employment, job search support, job keep support, job development/placement services, and follow along support as long as necessary.Clients of the Vocational Program have an employment rate three to four times the national average. Cornerstone Montgomery participates in the national movement of evidenced based practices. Eligibility is based on client choice. Supported Employment is integrated with treatment. Competitive employment is the goal. A job search starts soon after a client expresses interest in working and follow along supports are continuous.Employment Specialists work with candidates to successfully match each person to the appropriate job and continue to support the employer/employee relationship as long as necessary. The supported employment staff works closely with all other providers, the clients’ natural support system, business mentors and employers to coordinate services and successful outcomes for the client. There is focus on promoting independence, continuity of care, skill development, job acquisition and retention. Staff also provide technical assistance and on-the-job support to the employer in such areas as compliance with ADA regulations and/or how to access tax credits and deductions


Cornerstone Montgomery

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English -

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Intake and Eligibility:

Applicants must be over 18 and reside in Montgomery County.

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  • Montgomery County

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Cornerstone Montgomery
6040 Southport Drive
Bethesda, MD 20814

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