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Refugee Resettlement & Placement Program

Also Known As: R&P

At any moment, more than 15 million refugees around the world must leave their homes because of war or civil unrest. In partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the U.S. offers people the freedom to start a new life through the refugee resettlement program. Resettlement is the last resort among all options available to refugees. Since the first wave of Vietnamese families arrived in the 1970s, LSS/NCA has partnered with local organizations, companies, and individual volunteers to aid in the resettlement of thousands of federally approved refugees as they begin new lives in the Washington DC Metro area. On the path to regain independence, families receive intensive case management and cultural orientation from our trained staff of professionals. We direct newcomers to appropriate community resources while empowering them to become active members of their new communities. In return, refugees enrich our neighborhoods with their skills, diversity, and courage. LSS/NCA’s goal is to help refugees gain self-sufficiency within the first 90 days of their arrival through housing placement, case management and employment services, and supportive social programs.


Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area

Languages Available:

English - Vietnamese, Russian, Farsi, French, Arabic, Amharic

Intake and Eligibility:

newly arrived refugee

Areas Served:
  • Montgomery County

Contact Info:

  • Aerlande Wontamo:
    • 301-562-8633
  • Fax:
    • 202-723-3303
  • Business Line:
    • 202-723-3000
  • Senior Worker:
  • Website:


Montgomery/Prince George's Refugee/Immigrant Servi
8700 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area
4406 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20010

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