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Wheaton Redevelopment Advisory Committee (WRAC)

The Wheaton Redevelopment Program, a program of the Department of General Services, facilitates and oversees downtown private investment and development, works with business establishments and property owners to expand the downtown business base, and administers business assistance and incentive programs, ie., enterprise zones, facade easements and green tape permit processing. The mission of the Wheaton Redevelopment Advisory Committee is to advise the County Executive, the Director of the Wheaton Redevelopment Program, and the Director of the Mid-County Regional Services Center on all phases of the revitalization of downtown Wheaton which consists of preserving and improving the neighborhoods and business centers in the downtown area.


Mid-County Regional Center

Languages Available:

English -

Areas Served:
  • Ashton Montgomery County
  • Brookeville Montgomery County
  • Derwood Montgomery County
  • Kensington Montgomery County
  • Olney Montgomery County
  • Sandy Spring Montgomery County

Contact Info:


Mid-County Regional Center
11002 Viers Mill Road
Wheaton, MD 20902

Hours of Services:

  • Wed
  • 7 - 9

Target Population


Planning/Coordinating/Advisory Groups
  • collaboration council
  • Montgomery School
  • montgomery county md
  • montgomery county md
  • Mental Health Assocaiton
  • Helping all Seniors Thrive
  • Montgomery County Libraries
  • Nonprofit Montgomery