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Gang Prevention and Intervention Program

Also Known As: Hardknocks Gang Prevention Curriculum

Built on a proven motivational enhancement (MET) and cognitive behavioral (CBT) model, this program reduces resistance, builds student participation, and guides the process of change. Includes Problem solving skills and coping skills for avoidance, escape, refusal, or resistance follow a proven social learning model, with the critical goal of increasing individual self-efficacy. Youth who use these materials will be able to: 1. Recognize high-risk people, places, things and situations. 2. Youth use specific techniques to handle these risks effectively. 3. Youth will demonstrate competence in problem solving and avoidance, feelings management (self-monitoring and emotional intelligence), and impulse control. 4. Youth will identify and engage critical protective factors or assets, including developing a network of safe and supportive people. 5. Youth will develop pro-social values and behaviors, such as the selection of pro-social friends, empathy for others, the development of positive goals, involvement with a personal support system, participation in positive community organizations and activities. At the end of the program youth will have a detailed action plan identifying specific individuals, programs and activities which will support their positive efforts-and supplant inappropriate or dangerous people, places, things, situations or other high risk factors.


Germantown Hardknocks Youth Foundation

Languages Available:

English - Spanish

Payment Description:

$30.00 Youth will participate in 20-25 hours of group praticipation/individual sessions.

Intake and Eligibility:

Youth must be willing to accept change and help. Youth must attend all schedule sessions.

Areas Served:
  • Montgomery County

Contact Info:


Germantown Hardknocks Youth Foundation
P. O. Box 2539
Germantown, MD 20875

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