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Children's Chorus

While Revels uses a number of professional performers in its productions, its volunteer choruses - adults, teens and children - are at its core. There is no "standing" Revels production chorus; we audition each cast anew for each show. Although a number of adult singers from previous productions return to audition for new shows, we value the presence of new voices and new faces in our cast every year. We also look for a variety of ages, ancestries, sizes and personalities to create a realistic “village” on stage. People of diverse cultural backgrounds are encouraged to audition. The Children's Chorus is open to boys and girls entering grades 3-5 (about ages 8-10). Revels is looking for children who are enthusiastic, musical, comfortable on stage and happy working in a group. This is not a production for “Broadway” types: often children used to this kind of show can be very frustrated that it is not a 'flashy' process. The Revels child appears more “natural” and can be loud and boisterous or quiet or calm. We try to get a range of ages, heights, personalities and diverse looks, just as we do in the adult chorus. The adult chorus is cast in late May, so our directors will be looking for children to complete these stage families. Performing in the Christmas Revels is a big commitment.The children rehearse on 10 Wednesday afternoons from 4:30 to 6:00pm, in Silver Spring, MD, beginning in mid-September; in addition the children attend some weekend rehearsals with the adult cast, as well as in-theater rehearsals at Lisner during Tech Week before the show opens. The Christmas Revels has a run of 9 performances, spanning a period of 2 weekends.


Washington Revels

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Washington Revels
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