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Day Program

Also Known As: Sheltered Workshop; Supervised Worksite

ROI owns and operates two supervised worksites for its Day Program; one in Lanham, MD and the other in Germantown, MD. At the supervised worksites, ROI participants receive vocational training, counseling, assistance with personal goal development and case management services. ROI participants earn a weekly paycheck for the work they complete and also have the opportunity to participate in onsite incentive programs. The hours of operation are: Monday-Thursday 8AM-4PM and Friday 8AM-3:30PM. ROI operates two well equipped, safe and comfortable Supervised Worksites. One is in Lanham, Prince George’s County, Maryland – the other in Germantown, Montgomery County, Maryland. At the worksites approximately two hundred developmentally and physically disabled individuals receive counseling, participate in personal development programs, and engage in vocational training and employment opportunities. An ROI Counselor develops an Individual Plan (IP) based on the participant’s skills, abilities, needs, and goals. IPs are reviewed regularly with the individual, family members and other parties of interest participating. In addition, with the help of the ROI Floor Supervisors, individuals work at hands-on print finishing such as binding, gluing, collating, poster rolling, stapling, shrink wrapping.


Rehabilitation Opportunities, Inc

Languages Available:

English -

Intake and Eligibility:

adults with developmental and physical disabilities.

Areas Served:
  • Montgomery County

Contact Info:

  • Rory Brett:
    • 240 686-0866
  • Fax:
    • 240 686-0856
  • Business Line:
    • 240-686-0866
  • Website:


Rehabilitation Opportunities, Inc
19548 Amaranth Drive
Germantown, MD 20874

Hours of Services:

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  • 9 - 5
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  • 9 - 5
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  • 9 - 5
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  • 9 - 5
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  • 9 - 5
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  • Helping all Seniors Thrive
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