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Public Benefits and Elder Law Units

The Montgomery County Aging and Disability Services office continues to contract with the Metropolitan Maryland Office of the Legal Aid Bureau to provide legal services. The Legal Aid Bureau's Legal Assistance program focuses on the most critical issues such as maintaining housing, income, food, health-care and medication. Legal Aid conducts intake for potential clients on Tuesday and Thursdays between the hours of 2:00-4:00 while walk-ins are Monday through Friday during regular office hours.


Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.

Languages Available:

English - Spanish

Intake and Eligibility:

Legal Aid determines financial eligibility for general legal services based on income and assets available to the household, using the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines (except for specialized services where eligibility conditions, such as age, are set by

Areas Served:
  • Montgomery County

Contact Info:


Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.
600 Jefferson Plaza,
Rockville, MD 20850

Hours of Services:

M Tu Wed Thu Fri
  • Mon
  • 9 - 5
  • Tue
  • 9 - 5
  • Wed
  • 9 - 5
  • Fri
  • 9 - 5
  • Sat
  • 9 - 5
  • Sun
  • 9 - 5

Target Population

Adults, Older Adults, Low Income


General Legal Aid
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Collaboration Council
Montgomery County, MD